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Launching 2020 York Chamber Music Festival

2020 Festival Launch

18 - 20 September

The 2020 York Chamber Music Festival welcomes my friends back to the city.They are among the leading professional players in the country, including the brilliant Russian pianist Katya Apekisheva.

This year we celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

In 1796 Ludwig was in his late twenties and living in Vienna having secured aristocratic patronage. Uneducated, rough-mannered, already aware of hearing loss, but with an enticing personality and undoubted musical genius he fed the insatiable appetite of his patrons for chamber music of all sorts, not forgetting that his ability to improvise on the forte piano was legendary (and he played JS Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues on request).

In the festival we explore his chamber music up to 1801. Of course he came out of a tradition – he met Mozart, he studied for a while with Haydn – but from the outset he was re-creating everything, re-inventing; he started with a force of invention without parallel in musical history.

Read the full programme and for a simple gateway for ticketing go to:

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